Welcome Back to School!!!

  • ***Our Curriculum Night is September 3rd! This is a great opportunity to learn about first grade & the standards ! Don't miss this special event!

    Please read the papers coming home with your child and return those that need to be returned as soon as possible.
    You may want to go check out loveandlogic.com for new ideas!

    Also, check out Lucy Calkins' success with reading & writing!

    Here are some helpful hints for first graders:

    1. Use SpellingCity.com to practice your weekly spelling words. We'll discuss this at our upcoming Back to School Curriculum Night! There are lots of fun games to explore at this website. First find Jamacha School and Mrs. Savinon's name.

    2. Have your child read for 15 minutes every night for fluency, comprehension, and accuracy. Be sure to ask those Fabulous Four questions. A booklet will be coming home describing how the Fabulous Four can help us with comprehension!

    3. Practice your math facts to 20 as quick as a "snap."

    4. Teach your children that school and their education matters. If it matters to you, then it will matter to them.

    5. Reinforce the character virtues that we learn. Click on the link below to review my powerpoint on Susan Borba's virtues.

    6. Get to school on time & ready to learn. Click on my powerpoint lesson below to review the levels of behavior with your child. Ask your child, "On what level of behavior is that?"

    7. Check this website for added information on those weekly vocabulary & high-frequency powerpoint presentations. Have fun exploring the learning links on the main home page...you can have hours of fun learning new things!
    Mrs. Leribeus  


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